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DPRK fires unidentified projectile into eastern waters******

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea fired an unidentified projectile into eastern waters, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Monday without mentioning further details.。

It marked the DPRK's fourth projectile launch this year.。

The DPRK's Korean Central News Agency said last week that the railway-borne missile regiment test-fired two tactical guided missiles on Friday.。

The DPRK said it successfully test-launched a hypersonic missile on January 5 and January 11 respectively.。

Gimnasia, Estudiantes break records with thrilling draw******

BUENOS AIRES, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- Luis Miguel Rodriguez scored a hat-trick as Estudiantes and Gimnasia drew a pulsating La Plata derby 4-4 on the penultimate match day of Argentina's Primera Division season on Sunday.。

Gustavo del Prete gave Estudiantes an early lead before Rodriguez struck twice in three minutes for the hosts at El Bosque.。

Nicolas Pasquini put Estudiantes back on level terms but Brahian Aleman restored Gimnasia's advantage with a spectacular long-range effort just before halftime.。

Rodriguez completed his hat-trick by converting from the penalty spot but Estudiantes mounted another challenge to again draw level with goals from Fabian Noguera and Leandro Diaz.。

The result left Gimnasia 11th in the 26-team standings with 35 points while Estudiantes remained fifth with 39 points.。

Never before had eight goals been scored in a single match between the La Plata rivals. Rodriguez also became the first Gimnasia player to score a hat-trick against Estudiantes. The 36-year-old, who has been capped once for Argentina's national team, now has eight goals in 21 league matches this campaign. Enditem。

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  英特尔昨天推出了11代处理器Tiger Lake和相关的Evo标准,微星很快也更新了自家的Prestige(尊爵)系列,其中Prestige 14 Evo就通过了英特尔的Evo认证。

  该系列专为设计师打造,是兼顾轻薄和高性能的创意设计笔记本。Prestige 14 Evo搭载11代酷睿处理器,最高可选配至i7-1185G7,集成全新的英特尔Xe架构核显,详细规格如下。

  与非Evo认证的Prestige 14相比,它的电池同样只有52Wh,但配备了一块功耗仅为1W的高色域屏幕;Evo版也不再像标准版那样配备独立显卡,更低功耗的的Xe核显也能提供不错的图形性能;Prestige 14 Evo提供2个雷电4接口,充电15分钟就能使用1个半小时,充满电量续航更是长达12小时;支持WiFi6和蓝牙5.1。上述特性的确都达到了Intel EVO的标准。

  Evo是过去英特尔提出的雅典娜计划的升级版,旨在提供更为优质的笔记本使用体验。新标准看起来比过去更加回归实用,贴近用户需求了,你看好这次的Intel Evo标准吗?

Paralympic champion Liu grateful to her "eyes" Xu******

By Sportswriters Yao Youming, Wang Ze and Zhao Yingbo

XI'AN, China, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Liu Cuiqing, a visually impaired Chinese Paralympic champion, pocketed her second medal at the 11th China's National Games for Persons with Disabilities on Sunday.

On Sunday, Liu clocked 12.45 seconds to win a silver after Zhou Guohua from Guangdong in women's 100m T11 event.

With guide Xu Donglin, the 29-year-old secured her first gold medal of the major event on Saturday by winning the women's 400m T11 final.

Having won four golds in the 10th edition of the Games, Liu faced many troubles in the ongoing 11th edition of the Games.

After the Tokyo Paralympics, Liu was exhausted and had few normal training in quarantine. Furthermore, Xu suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee just ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

When the duo entered the stadium on Saturday, Xu helped Liu stand on the block quickly and the pair finished a quick warm-up. When the 400m event was about to begin, Xu guided Liu to get ready carefully. He encouraged Liu by patting her on her shoulder.

Liu opened an early gap in the race, which no one was able to narrow. At last, the elite Paralympic athlete crossed the finish line in one minute and 1.21 seconds.

Liu began to take up the track and field training when her running talent was discovered in school.

Xu was a professional athlete. When he intended to retire eight years ago, he was selected as the guide of Liu.

The 1.83-meter-tall Xu was shy while meeting the 1.65m-tall Liu in the year 2013.

But after thousands of practices, the duo collaborated better and better. Now Liu can sprint or turn left smoothly at the special signals sent by Xu through the rope between them.

Liu said that if she could have three days to see, she would look at her partner firstly. The people around the duo told Liu that Xu is a handsome man.

"In my opinion, Donglin is my elder brother. I'd like to thank him for bringing me to podium in major events since 2013," Liu told Xinhua.

"We have cooperated for eight years and got many medals in national and international events. This brought me a sense of achievement," said Xu.

After the long and tough season, the golden pair will have a good rest each.

"We will part for several months. My knee injury needs time to recover. I'd like to create more better results in Paris Paralympic 2024 with Cuiqing," 32-year-old Xu noted. Enditem

驻韩美军29日起接种疫苗 韩美将讨论附编韩军接种问题

1.今明两天北京雷雨频繁 外出需注意防雷避雨

2.孙春兰在海南调研时强调 刻不容缓落实各项防控措施 以快制快尽早扑灭疫情

3.综合消息:亚欧多国疫情严峻 俄外长强调公平分配疫苗


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