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China remains world's second******

BEIJING, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- China has been the world's second-largest importer for 11 consecutive years, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday.

In the January-September period, China imported goods worth nearly 2 trillion U.S. dollars, up 32.6 percent year on year, the ministry's spokesperson Shu Jueting said at a press conference.

In the first half of the year, China's imports of goods accounted for around 12 percent of the world's total, and the country also contributed to 15 percent of the increase in imports worldwide during the period, said Shu, citing World Trade Organization data.

China will consistently push forward high-level opening-up, expand imports and turn its market into a global one, a market shared by all, and accessible to all, Shu said.

The country will continuously improve trade liberalization and facilitation and optimize its business environment to promote global recovery and growth, Shu noted. Enditem

Japan's Nikkei closes at 15******

Tokyo stocks closed sharply lower Thursday, with the benchmark Nikkei stock index falling to a 15-month low as investors offloaded issues amid concerns over the Ukraine issue.

The 225-issue Nikkei Stock Average dropped 478.79 points, or 1.81 percent, from Tuesday to finish at 25,970.82, marking its lowest closing level since November 20, 2020.

Markets here were closed on Wednesday for a national holiday.

The broader Topix index of all First Section issues on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, meanwhile, lost 23.50 points, or 1.25 percent, to close at 1,857.58.

Local brokers said that losses were extended from the morning and the market tumbled in the afternoon on reports about the situation in Ukraine.

They added that concerns were now rife that energy costs could soar, as prices for crude oil surged due to the likelihood of disruption of supplies from Russia.

"The Nikkei seems to have fallen to its bottom relative to its valuations and domestic corporate earnings. Investors will now look at how the Ukraine situation affects the real economy and central bank reactions to it," Ikuo Mitsui, fund manager at Aizawa Securities, was quoted as saying.

Other strategists said the market could fall even further over uncertainties over the Ukraine situation, as investors will switch out of riskier assets like stocks and into safe havens.

"Market participants turned risk-averse following the reports. As uncertainties remain over the situation, the Nikkei index could lose further ground following new developments," Shingo Ide, chief equity strategist at NLI Research Institute, said.

Ide added that investors are "worried that higher energy prices could cool the economy. Another concern is that the US Federal Reserve may tighten its monetary policy drastically to battle a possible rise in inflation."

By the close of play, air transportation, rubber product and glass and ceramics issues comprised those that declined the most, and issues that fell outpaced those that rose by 1,294 to 824 on the First Section, while 64 ended the day unchanged.

Rubber product-linked issues extended losses on fears of higher raw materials costs, with Bridgestone skidding down 5.4 percent, while Yokohama Rubber reversed 4.7 percent by the close.

Technology-oriented issues followed their US peers lower, with Screen Holdings and industrial robotics maker Fanuc both dropping 5.4 percent. SoftBank Group, meanwhile, ended the day 6.8 percent lower.

Heavily-weighted Nikkei component Fast Retailing, owner of the Uniqlo chain of casual clothing stores, weighed on the broader market, relinquishing 3.8 percent.

Oil explorers gained on surging prices for crude oil, however, with Japan Petroleum Exploration climbing 4.1 percent, while Inpex soared 7.2 percent.

On the main section on Thursday, 1,594.12 million shares changed hands, rising from Tuesday's volume of 1,138.93 million shares.

The turnover on the penultimate trading day of the week came to 3,628.10 billion yen (US$ 31.62 billion).

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Tod’s 集团董事长:战略变革开始收效,电商渠道以高两位数增长******

原标题:Tod’s 集团董事长:战略变革开始收效,电商渠道以高两位数增长

意大利奢侈品集团 Tod’s SpA(以下简称 Tod’s)董事长 Diego Della Valle日前表示,电商渠道销售额以高两位数增长,此前部署的战略开始收效。


Diego Della Valle 表示,集团希望在留住老顾客的同时,吸引千禧一代。“此前做的部分运营前端工作给了我们信心,我们当前的发展方向是正确的。”

Diego Della Valle 认为,2017年底推出的新商业模式——Tod’s Factory,推动销售额恢复增长,也让集团同名品牌 Tod’s(托德斯)重获新生,能够及早发现和解决问题。

Tod’s Factory 项目意在重点关注经典产品的同时,一年内发布多个系列:除一年两季的常规系列外,还会有胶囊系列和限量系列,甚至有可能每两个月就推出一次新产品。(详见此前报道:Tod’s集团“大动干戈”:不要创意总监,要更高的上新频率!推出一年发布多个系列的革新运动)

就在今年1月,品牌在米兰举行2019男士秋冬系列服装—— Gentleman Flow 的新品发布会时,Diego Della Valle 表示,现代生活节奏改变了时尚设计,按季推出新款的行为已经过时。为了保证消费者的好奇心,提高品牌曝光率,他们必须保证门店两月一次的上新速度,并且通过广告和媒体向公众强调上新信息。

Diego Della Valle 同时指出:“我们正在做一些需要做的事情”。他认为,集团此前进行的管理阶层重组——任命一位联合 CEO,卓有成效。2018年6月,Diego Della Valle 宣布卸任日常管理工作,全权交给集团新任首席执行官 Umberto Macchi di Cellere,自己则专注于品牌推广工作。(详见《华丽志》此前报道:Tod’s 集团董事长 Diego Della Valle 放权:今后专注品牌推广,日常管理工作转交 CEO)

Diego Della Valle 还透露,为了提高设计师和艺术家的设计速度、制定新的生产计划,集团付出了很大的努力。新的商业模式对于集团来说是巨大的变革,改革后接踵而来的销售机会也足以证明决策的正确。现在,集团对产品生产有了更好的控制,所以销售状况有所转好,改革的风险也有所降低。(详见《华丽志》:Tod’s 集团主席:按季上新已过时,奢侈品门店必须保持两月一次上新速度)

Diego Della Valle 表示,电商目前为集团贡献了7%的销售额,且正在以高两位数的速度增长,集团希望该渠道未来1~2年能继续保持当前增速,推动集团获得更为可观的销售额。

为了加强线上扩张,以及应对消费者的全渠道消费需求,Tod’s 还计划近一个月内在米兰蒙特拿破仑大街(Montenapoleone)开设一家全新的旗舰店。

Diego Della Valle 表示,2019年财年第一季度利润表现令人失望,主要原因是集团正采取措施,想要“尽快取得可持续发展的成果”。

Tod’s 集团近两年的业绩表现均不及市场预期,2018财年销售额同比下滑2.4%至9.41亿欧元,净利润同比下滑33.6%至4710万欧元。关于2019财年,Diego Della Valle 表示,在盈利能力方面,仍旧是“转型之年”。

集团首席财务官 Emilio Macellari 在发布2018财年财报时表示,春季系列是“又一个振奋人心的开始,我预计2019财年的同店销售额与2018财年相近。”他还指出,3%的销售额增长预期“是合理的,且挑战性不高。”(详见《华丽志》:Tod’s 集团发布2018财年完整财报:销售趋于稳定,但利润明显下滑,大中华区增长3.2%)

Della Valle 家族正逐步回购集团的股权,这表明创始家族对公司的未来发展很有信心。Della Valle 家族目前持有集团63%的股权。预计到今年10月底,Diego Della Valle 及其家族将拥有集团全部股本的68%。(详见《华丽志》:在股价跌至9年半以来最低点后,Tod’s 创始家族 Della Valle增持股份助力反弹)

而关于自己在集团的位置,Diego Della Valle 表示:“我对现在的状态很满意。”

Tod’s 集团将于5月9日公布2019财年第一季度财报。


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