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Why shorting China over Q3 economic data is misleading******

BEIJING, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- Those shorting China due to slower GDP growth in the third quarter (Q3) are misleading the market and could miss future opportunities, as the Chinese economy remains resilient, with new growth drivers booming and potentials yet to be fully unleashed.

China's GDP grew 4.9 percent year on year in Q3, slower than the growth of 18.3 percent in Q1 and 7.9 percent in Q2. In the first three quarters, the country logged a 9.8 percent GDP expansion, well above its annual growth target of "over 6 percent," data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows.

"It is not just China, but the whole world that faces a slower economic recovery in Q3 compared with Q2," said Yao Jingyuan, a research fellow at the Counsellors' Office of the State Council.

In its October forecast, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that the Chinese economy will grow by 8 percent in 2021, while the growth of the world economy will moderate to 5.9 percent, both down by 0.1 percentage points from July's forecast.

The IMF has also lowered its projection for advanced economies from 5.6 percent to 5.2 percent.

The 8 percent projection is higher than that for the world economy and major economies, indicating that "the global community is upbeat about the prospects of the Chinese economy," said NBS spokesperson Fu Linghui at a press conference.

The projection also reflects the strong resilience and huge potentials of the Chinese economy, considering a high comparison base last year, Fu noted.

Admittedly, challenges including a power crunch, a resurgence of COVID-19 cases and severe floods in certain regions could weigh on the Chinese economy, but experts said that the impact is short-lived and can be solved.

"China's power shortage is only temporary, and its impact on the economy is under control," Fu said, citing NBS data showing that the country's power generation accelerated in September, climbing 4.9 percent year on year last month compared with a year earlier.

"Such short-term challenges do not indicate that China's economy lacks internal growth impetus," said Yao, adding that the country is capable of stabilizing the economy.


In the first three quarters, the fast expansion of new growth drivers such as high-tech manufacturing continued despite multiple headwinds.

The output of the high-tech manufacturing sector jumped 20.1 percent year on year in the first nine months, faster than the growth pace of the overall industrial output, NBS data shows.

Specifically, the output of new-energy vehicles logged a sharp increase of 172.5 percent in the Jan.-Sept. period, while that of industrial robots and integrated circuits surged 57.8 percent and 43.1 percent, respectively.

On the demand side, China's retail sales of consumer goods went up 16.4 percent year on year in the first three quarters of this year.

The job market, a key pillar for personal income and consumption growth, continued to be generally stable, with the country creating 10.45 million new jobs in its urban areas in the Jan.-Sept. period, achieving 95 percent of the annual target.

Moreover, foreign investors continued to expand their footprints in China, with foreign direct investment into the Chinese mainland, in actual use, rising 22.3 percent year on year in the first eight months of the year.

Looking forward, the Chinese economy could still maintain the relatively stable growth momentum in Q4 despite downward pressure, said Xu Xianchun, a professor at the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University.

The country's policymakers are actively coping with the current difficulties, employing measures to boost the electricity supply, incentivize consumption and facilitate foreign trade.

Fiscal policies should be better leveraged to stabilize growth, experts said. "There is still 1 trillion yuan (about 155.5 billion U.S. dollars) of quotas for special local government bonds to be issued in Q4, which is expected to shore up infrastructure investment," Xu said.

Efforts should also be made to promote the digital transformation of enterprises, improve the business environment and strengthen support for new business modes, such as cross-border e-commerce and the industrial internet, Xu said. Enditem

Trump's new social media app begins slow rollout******


A person checks the app store on a smartphone for "Truth Social," with a photo of former US President Donald Trump on a computer screen in the background in Los Angeles.

Donald Trump's new social media app started a gradual rollout late Sunday and should be "fully operational" by late March, potentially raising the former president's profile more than a year after he was banned by major platforms.

"This week, we will begin to roll out to people on the Apple App store," said Devin Nunes, CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), parent company of the new app Truth Social.

The former Republican congressman was speaking on Sunday on conservative Fox News.

"I think, by the end of March, we're going to be fully operational – at least within the United States," added Nunes, who resigned from the US House to lead the Trump group.

Trump has described Truth Social as an alternative to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of which banned him following the assault on the US Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021.

The former president has been accused of inciting his followers to use force in a bid to overturn the result of the 2020 election.

On Sunday, the App Store was allowing visitors to pre-order Truth Social starting Monday, the Presidents Day holiday in the United States.

Later Sunday, the app was reported as available to some of those who had pre-ordered.

"It's actually very moving for me to see people that are on the platform that have had their voice canceled," Nunes said.

'The truth is coming'

"We want (customers) to tell us what they would like to have on the platform, which is the opposite of some Silicon Valley tech oligarch freak telling people what they want to think and deciding who can or cannot be on the platform," he said.

Trump and his wife Melania Trump also plan on Monday to offer for sale 10,000 NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, illustrating key moments in the Trump presidency. NFTs are certified digital images that can be bought and sold.

"TRUTH is coming..." congresswoman Elise Stefanik, the third-ranking House Republican, tweeted Friday, in an allusion to the ominous "Winter is coming" catchphrase of television series "Game of Thrones."

She posted a screen grab of her message on Truth Beta, the test version of the new site, saying, "I'm so excited to be on TRUTH!"

And Donald Trump Jr. celebrated on Twitter, posting, "Time for some Truth!!!" and including what he said was his father's first post on Truth Social: "Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!"

TMTG, asked for comment by AFP, did not immediately respond.

The group reportedly has a US$1.25 billion treasure chest as it seeks a niche in a crowded conservative social-media marketplace, currently served by platforms such as Gettr, Parler and Gab.

Before being banned by Twitter, Trump had some 89 million followers there and used the platform constantly, both for presidential statements and to attack rivals.

Trump, who is 75, has hinted but never definitively said whether he will seek the presidency again.

He is currently under the shadow of multiple investigations and lawsuits, including over his tax filings and his efforts to cling to power after losing the 2020 election.

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Analysis: Bayern's ongoing unrest endangers international goals******

By Oliver Trust。

BERLIN, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- Ahead of its Champions League encounter against Benfica, Bayern Munich is suffering from ongoing unrest in the club.。

The team might have delivered a satisfying answer in the league beating Union Berlin 5-2 after the devastating defeat in the German Cup in Monchengladbach. But in-house tensions keep coach Julian Nagelsmann and chairman Oliver Kahn busy.。

The team is struggling to regain game dominance over 90 minutes while sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic faces growing doubts regarding the efficiency of his work.。

Debates about Lucas Hernandez and Joshua Kimmich give evidence of how fragile the club's atmosphere is.。

The French international narrowly escaped from a prison sentence due to a case of domestic violence in 2019. Kimmich's refusal to get vaccinated for COVID-19 entails controversial discussions in the club and the German public.。

It has become apparent; Bayern isn't invulnerable despite an impressive season start turning the side into one of the favorites of this season's Champions League campaign.。

The two-week-long quarantine of fully vaccinated coach Nagelsmann after a positive COVID-test seems to have thrown the team off course. The 34-year-old is expected to return for full duty by this Tuesday in time for the Champions League group game against Benfica.。

In addition, Kahn's restructuring measures in the club's leadership board are causing turbulence regarding the Bavarian's internal balance.。

After the dismissal of Jorg Wacker, responsible for international issues, media reports talk of Salihamidzic seems caught in the crossfire of criticism.。

Reports speak of Kahn being unsatisfied with the sporting director's transfer record as nine players left for 160 million over the past four years despite their market value of 230 million.。

Kahn is concerned about the club's financial future having to compete in an overheated market.。

Salihamidzic valuation might depend on the outcome of the race for Barcelona full-back Sergino Dest and the negotiations with French 2018 world champion Kingsley Coman about a contract extension.。

Nagelsmann faces the challenge of reinstalling his team's confidence. Following the historic 5-0 Cup defeat, the league game in Berlin revealed Bayern hasn't yet overcome the effects of the humiliation.。

"We might be in a good mood after the victory in Berlin, but we are still out of a competition that was important to us," star striker Thomas Muller said. "We are not back to good now."

Nagelsmann seems aware, the way back to happiness might turn into a bumpy road. The 34-year-old admitted he now has to provide solutions for his players and adjust the team's game approach.。

Bayern fans might have to live with a less spectacular style in many games. The sportive turbulences are proofing, well-oiled teams are well-advised to budgeting their resources in their attempt to reach their target finish.。

Bayern might reduce its efforts and count on pragmatism until crunch time in the Champions League is starting next spring. Nagelsmann said he is aware to survive as Bayern's coach, it needs silverware to please the club's leaders. Enditem。

ThinkBook 14 锐龙版:全新升级 MX450,趁手的办公创作之选******摘要


每年双十一都是入手电子产品最好的时间节点之一,各家电商平台会联合厂商给出不少优惠政策。也因此,双十一到来前我们能陆陆续续看到不少新产品被推向市场。虽然官方没有明确表示,但 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 放到现在发布,多少也有赶双十一热度的「味道」。

当然,这只是其中一个可能的原因,另外比较重要也更合理的理由,是抢先用上前段时间微软发布的 Windows 11 操作系统。ThinkBook 14 Gen3 出厂预装了全新  Windows 11 系统,也是首批搭载这一版系统的 PC 产品。下面一起来了解下,它到底表现如何。


通常,产品路径选择是跟着目标用户人群走的。对于 ThinkBook 14 Gen3,联想将其描述为「帮助新青年创造新前途的创造本」,可能乍一听上去有些太过官方,但上手用过之后你会发现,无论外观设计还是功能性配置,这款笔记本从内到外的确都是围绕着这句话所展开。

在审美这件事情上,不同时期人们的喜好会发生一定变化。现在不仅仅是轻薄本,不少商务本都在向简约设计风格所靠拢,盖住 logo,你很难直观通过 A 面对不同品牌的产品进行区分。ThinkBook 14 Gen3 是近期所有我接触过笔记本产品中,A 面最具辨识度的一个。

从图片中大家可以清楚看到,它的 A 面并没有像大多数同类产品一样选择极简设计,而是用到了撞色处理。但和以往我们常见的撞色方案不太一样,联想用的是两种观感有些接近,但又可以明显看出不一样的颜色,整体感觉年轻却又不那么花哨。

细节部分也很讲究。ThinkBook 14 Gen3 的 A 面为金属材质,经由磨砂工艺处理之后,实际上手手感比较细腻,同时也具备不错的抗指纹能力,后期打理起来会方便很多。另外,它将 Lenovo 标志做到了右下角位置,用的是拉丝工艺,多多少少为产品增加了一些精致感。

从大的方面来说,除了游戏本,现在 PC 厂商们做产品的方向大致可以分成两个方向,其一是牺牲掉一些外接扩展能力去追求极致轻薄,用来满足那些「空中飞人」的使用诉求;另外一个则是在便携性和功能性之间取平衡,各方面都尽可能追求平衡,提供更舒服的使用体验。

ThinkBook 14 Gen3 属于后一种情况。它的机身长度为 323 毫米,宽度为 218 毫米,厚度控制在了 17.9 毫米,相比近来我们介绍过的一些轻薄本,这样的尺寸控制并不算出众,但放到包里背着出门并不会有明显负担感,这一点无需担心。

保证不错便携性的同时,联想为 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 带来了极为丰富的接口配备。2 个 USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A 以及 2 个 USB 3.2 Gen2 全功能 Type-C 接口外,还保留了 HDMI 接口、RJ45 接口和 4 合 1 读卡器,后期无需额外购买扩展坞,也能满足大多数人的正常使用需要。


就像外观设计风格一样,随着 PC 行业逐渐向细分化发展,各家在屏幕尺寸的选择上也更加多样化,但在对比了不同尺寸的笔记本产品之后,我依旧认为 14 英寸是最经典的尺寸方案。均衡,是其最大的优点,适中的显示面积,无论拿来追剧还是日常办公,都比较舒服。

坚持用 14 英寸屏幕之外,ThinkBook 14 Gen3 的屏幕素质也做到了同级别竞品中相对靠前的水准。它拥有 100% sRGB 色域,亮度为 300nits,左右两侧边框宽度控制得不错,相对来说下边框稍稍宽一些,但依旧将屏占比做到了 85%,实际色彩和显示细腻程度令人满意。

使用过程中我们也留意到,ThinkBook 14 Gen3 其实支持 180° 屏幕开合。可能平时这种形态的使用频率不算那么高,但在小范围开会和他人分享 ppt 内容时,它的好处就显现出来了,要比常规非 180° 屏幕开合设计的笔记本方便很多。

我更喜欢 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 的地方,是用眼健康方面下了不少功夫。它的这块屏幕通过了德国莱茵 TÜV 低蓝光认证,支持 DC 调光同时用到了 Flicker Free 技术,官方称能很好解决低亮度频闪问题,这对于平时使用电脑时间较长的上班族或者学生而言,还是挺重要的。

在这产品这件事情上,像联想这样的老牌厂商,往往更重视一些实用性相关的配置。就比如隐私保护,其实整个行业都在强调这件事情,但事实上,仅仅依靠软件能力还是很难做到那么天衣无缝,但 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 所采用的 ThinkShutter 物理摄像头开关设计却可以。

此外,可能是由于疫情之后线上会议场景明显增多,这次联想也在 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 的视频通话能力上做了改进升级。它配备了一颗 720p 摄像头,并且引入了双阵列式麦克风以及 AI 智能降噪功能。使用时,你可以根据实际需要调节降噪模式,获得更为清晰的语音效果。

笔记本支持指纹识别并不稀奇,不过产品定位不同,所采用的方案也不尽相同。ThinkBook 14 Gen3 选择了现在很多中高端笔记本上流行的电源/指纹二合一设计,这种设计的好处大家也都知道,允许一键进入主界面,方便好用,同时看上去也要比传统独立指纹按键显得更高端。

操控性方面,ThinkBook 14 Gen3 的按键键程属于主流轻薄本中相对较长的一个,反馈力调校相对适中,实际敲击感还是不错的。几乎属于现在笔记本标配的键盘背光当然也没落下,提供两档亮度可调。比较特别的是,联想在其键盘区做了一枚独立服务热键,方便用户获得官方服务支持。

AMD 5000 系列锐龙处理器,多种可选配置


我们手里这台 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 搭载了 AMD 锐龙 5000 系列移动处理器,拥有 AMD R5 5600U 和 AMD R7 5800U 两种选项,对于 AMD R7 5800U,相信正在看这篇文章的你应该并不陌生,此前包括联想在内已经有不少厂商推出过相关产品。

规格参数上,AMD R7 5800U 采用 8 核心 16 线程设计,最高频率可达 4.4GHz,7nm 制作工艺;AMD R5 5600U 则为 6 核心 12 线程设计,最高频率 4.2GHz。利用 CINBENCH R20 实测,ThinkBook 14 Gen3 单核成绩 483pts,多核 3724pts,满足日常娱乐办公需求没啥问题。

考虑到产品定位,原本我以为 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 不会配独显,欣慰的是,联想还是给到了这项配置。它配备了 NVIDIA GeForce MX450 独立显卡,由于采用了全新 Turing 架构,性能较上代有了大概 50% 的提升,提升幅度还是很明显的,用来做平面设计和视频剪辑创作,都够用。

存储方面,我们手里这台 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 内置一块 512GB PCle 大容量固态硬盘,平时主要拿它来办公或者偶尔存放一些本地视频,基本不需要再额外配移动硬盘,机身自带存储足够用。

硬盘素质也不错,AS SSD Benchmark 测试数据能达到 2552 分。值得一提的是,这款笔记本支持 8GB 板载内存+32GB 可扩展内存,并且提供最大 1TB 存储空间,为喜欢捯饬电脑的用户留出了足够大的后期动手余量。

事实上,这篇文章所有配图都是通过 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 来完成。就运行大家比较熟悉的作图软件 Adobe Photoshop 2021 来看,它的多文件打开速度、处理速度、大文件保存速度都非常理想,中间无需经过「漫长等待」时间。

讲到这里补充一点,很多笔记本有的多性能模式你也能在 ThinkBook 14 Gen3 上看到。联想一共为这款笔记本做了三种工作模式,分别为智能模式、野兽性能模式和节能模式,可以通过 Fn+Q 键进行切换。日常使用的话,建议调节为智能模式,性能和续航都能照顾到。

聊笔记本,肯定少不了散热。它的散热系统设计和目前主流轻薄本产品区别不大,散热窗位于转轴下方,机身底部则设置有大面积条形中空阵列。利用 Photoshop 做图时我们也留意了下机身发热情况,总体来说还不错,持续工作半个小时之后会感觉到 C 面温度有所上升,但处于可接受范围内。

续航相关,ThinkBook 14 Gen3 的电池容量为 60Whr。就我个人的使用习惯来看,正常办公情况下,满电坚持一天正常使用问题不大。另外,它所匹配的 65W 充电器个头比较小,放包里背着出门很方便。还有一个细节之处,由于线缆和适配器连接处用的是 L 型设计,插在接线板上会相对更省空间。



ThinkBook 14 Gen3 就是这样一款产品。这段时间用下来我最大的感受就是顺手,外出时你完全不必有任何续航焦虑,也无需担心是否会因为忘记带外接扩展坞而影响到会议演示。同时,AMD R7 5800U+NVIDIA MX450+16GB 内存+512GB 硬盘这套组合,足够应付各种办公需求。

作为首批出厂预装 Windows 11 系统的笔记本,全新系统体验当然也是它很大的一个加分项。有关 Windows 11 的相关特性,之前极客之选已经在很多相关文章做过介绍,无论界面显示还是功能逻辑设定都比 Windows 10 来得更好,后期随着不断优化会更有竞争力。

如果用一句话来形容 ThinkBook 14 Gen3,「有个性的实用主义者」比较贴切。无论软件还是硬件配置,它都将功能性放到了更高优先级,而这恰恰是其能够撑起「创造本」这三个字最重要的原因。此外,特别的撞色设计也让其显得不那么无聊,年轻人买来用还是不错的。

本文由极客公园 GeekPark 原创发布,转载请添加极客君微信 geekparker。

ThinkBook 14 Gen3 锐智系创造本ThinkBook 14联想ThinkBookThinkBook 14 Gen3




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